March 17, 2017

Which thermal detector is better? Vox vs a-Si

The core component of thermal camera is infrared detector,The two most common microbolometer detector materials are amorphous silicon (a-Si) and vanadium oxide (VOx), referring to the material on the outermost thin film layer. While the two materials function in a similar manner, there are many differences between the two.

The advantage of Vox detector is higher photoelectric conversion efficiency,higher SNR and Strong light protection ability. Vox detector with good temperature stability, long lifetime and small temperature drift。

But most manufacturers will use indicators to mislead consumers.Because the pixel of Vox detector is 336X256,and a-Si detector is 384X288 pixel,so see from the product index a-Si detector is higher than Vox detector,but from the contrast effect, the Vox is better than a-Si (test under same lens)

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Such like for forest fire alarm thermal camera, since it always install in outdoor , so it have higher request for the detector quality and effect, if adopt the cheaper a-Si detector may not suitable for the rugged environment.and can’t find the fire source in the case of little temperature difference, that will have heavy losses for the forest, so finally use Vox detector to solve the problems.

Except the that, Vox detector have some unique advantage itself, adopt non-uniformity compensation circuit,to use a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to stabilize the operating temperature of the focal plane, in the temperature range of  -40~+75℃,thermal camera with good Image uniformity and dynamic range, and without TEC,thermal camera will has faster start and lower consumption,the detector power consumption could deduct to 1.5W,and with 2X digital zoom function.

Hope-Wish  thermal camera  Vox thermal detector, 336*256 and 640*512 two options, give you a better thermovision.

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