July 10, 2017

Forest Fire detect and alarm thermal camera system

Early Detection Can Be More Important Than Prevention.Unfortunately, most wildfires aren’t easily preventable,To significantly mitigate the risk from and cost of wildfires, they must be detected and suppressed prior to reaching an uncontrolled state.

Hope-Wish TTVC series thermal imaging camera specially design for forest fire prevention ,detection and alarm,integrates perimeter surveillance, long-range area observation, and fire detection analytics in a single PTZ camera. The system  provides a reliable response to major safety risks by enabling the user to continuously monitor target sites in the range of a few kilometers from the mounting point.


  1. the latest 5th uncooled infrared technology and continuously infrared optical zoom technology
  2. With 336*256 /640*512 uncooled FPA sensor
  3. intelligent analysis module, hot spot detection algorithm,automatically detect the flame, vehicles, personnel and other heat sources
  4. 360°degree PT/6000m detect range/IP66 ingress protection


fire warning platform software, can realize the video display, control, storage, playback, scanning and automatic control, automatic alarm information processing, automatic alarm record, calculate calibration point position, virtual police district management.

Two ways alarm: video superposition alarm + data returned (or switch).All alarm parameters and instructions can be through the remote video OSD menu Settings, In addition to FR2000 fire prevention software, can also use the general platform software, can be used with any video encoder.With functions of angle data back, cooperate with the background software, can be real-time GIS map point precise positioning.


The electronic map has the functions of zooming, ranging, positioning, printing, and data exchange with front-end equipment. The electronic map can receive the GPS position of the front-end equipment, the video stream data and the angle and azimuth information of the PTZ, Display the location of the front-end equipment and real-time radar scan area, also can be selected front-end equipment, real-time video images suspended on the map display

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