May 28, 2018

Application of Thermal Imaging Temperature Warning in Electric Power Industry

In the power industry, there are many kinds of failures in power equipment. Most of them are accompanied by fever and have potential safety hazards. Power equipment temperature measurement in unattended substations is a very weak link in safe operation.

Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology has the potential of being widely used in the power industry because of its non-contact, uninterrupted, accurate temperature measurement characteristics. The combination of computer technology and network technology makes it become an online temperature measurement unattended. Preferred monitoring equipment.


Detection of thermal defects in electrical equipment and lines by thermal imaging ,Such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, power capacitors, arresters, power cables, busbars, conductors, combination appliances, insulator strings, low-voltage electrical appliances, and equipment with current, voltage heating, or other heating effects. Secondary loops, etc., can play a very crucial and effective role in the timely detection, handling, and prevention of major accidents.

Infrared thermal imaging temperature monitoring heads are installed in substations to monitor key equipment areas and transfer the thermal images and temperature data to the back-end monitoring system in real-time or at regular intervals via existing network channels (such as optical fiber and wireless). Become the development direction of power system infrared thermal imaging online monitoring. The temperature-warning early-warning thermal imaging system can greatly reduce the accident rate caused by the thermal failure of the live running equipment, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the power system.

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