June 5, 2018

Radar Security System for Airport Perimeter surveillance

Radar Security Solution is a comprehensive security solution that is linked with radar and optoelectronic systems. It integrates radar and CCTV video surveillance, infrared surveillance and other means to achieve automatic radar detection and identification of suspicious intruder targets, and automatically mobilizes cameras to track and monitor suspicious

Compared to the camera-only method, the radar system can work normally without being affected by weather conditions such as daytime, night, fog, dust, rain and snow. The system makes full use of the advantages of a wide radar detection range, a large sensing area, and a full range of target types.

The use of remote optoelectronic devices to identify key targets for all-weather imaging, combined with radar processing software, AIS (or ADS-B) and satellite positioning, jointly complete the target detection, positioning, tracking and identification. In our radar camera linkage solution, the radar can be a radar, AIS, ADS-B or integrated radar tracking data. Linked cameras need to comply with the Pelco-D protocol or the Chess protocol.

The perimeter security program consists of three parts: radar and radar processing software and optoelectronic systems. The operating principle of this system is that radar can search for the surrounding target information within the detection area. The radar information processing system processes the radar image of the time series, and automatically recognizes, tracks and solves the motion parameters of the target echo in the image.

The radar processing software can be used to define the areas for no warning, early warning, and emergency warnings. The target of normal movement, the target of illegal sports, and the vehicles or people that stop illegally can be found. When the radar finds a suspicious target, the software can automatically mobilize the surrounding cameras to track and capture images of suspicious targets, which can achieve the integration of CCTV video surveillance systems and radar surveillance. When a suspicious target is found, the user can send out alarms for images and sounds without any manipulation, and at the same time, the camera can automatically track the target.

Front-end acquisition part: Because the remote optical-electronic rotary table used in the system integrates thermal imaging and auxiliary light sources, it can acquire corresponding target images even at night.

When the radar locks the tracking target, the system automatically enters the corresponding target’s position coordinates into the PT long-distance optical turntable, which directly corresponds to the preset point of the long-distance optical turntable. The target’s motion tracking adopts the video analysis method, and the platform software drives the long-distance photoelectric rotary table to perform continuous tracking and shooting, and displays the target’s trajectory on the software map. At the same time, the real-time image of the moving target will also be displayed in the software interface.

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