October 19, 2018

Advantages of Hope-Wish Long range laser night vision camera system

(1) Super long distance monitoring. A laser night vision camera can cover all monitoring targets within a few kilometers (500mm/750mm/1000mm telephoto lens) and is highly concealed.

(2) The networking is simple. The traditional infrared LED lights have a close night vision distance, so a large number of dots are needed, and the laser night vision device has a long distance, and only a few can cover a large range.The system wiring and networking complexity are greatly reduced, the maintenance is easy, and the overall cost is more reasonable.

(3) Long life and high efficiency. The life of the laser can reach more than 20,000 hours, compared to thousands of hours of infrared LED lights, can be applied for a long time. And the laser photoelectric efficiency value is large, can reach 50%, and the LED lighting electrical efficiency is 15%, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the device and save energy.

(4) In terms of technology, our company’s self-developed laser night vision monitoring system, including high-resolution ultra-low-illumination cameras and dust-proof fog cameras developed for foggy and dusty areas, is synchronized with the relevant military research institutes. Industry leading technologies such as zoom illumination, light intensity homogenization, and lens autofocus.

(5) Application extension. The product can also be used for security monitoring in key areas, such as: oil wells, oil storage, oil and gas pipelines, forest fire prevention, marine maritime, ports, terminals, military control areas, urban high-altitude observation, environmental protection, water conservancy and flood control, airport runways and Perimeter, railway interval, long-distance night vision monitoring, etc.

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