September 11, 2018

Advantages of infrared thermal imaging in the field of security monitoring

An infrared thermal imaging camera is an all-weather passive monitoring device that images based on the thermal contrast produced by the difference in infrared heat radiation temperature between the target, the background, and the target. It does not rely on night light, nor does it need to actively emit infrared light to the target. Therefore, its working mode is completely passive, all-weather, and difficult to be discovered and interfered by the other party.

In the field of monitoring, its application has unique advantages in some aspects.

long range of action and a large coverage area: it can detect people, vehicles or ships or airplanes within a few kilometers at night.

Not affected by environmental conditions: It can work in bad weather such as daytime, nighttime or even fog, rain and snow; it is not interfered by strong light, backlight, etc.; it does not radiate electromagnetic waves, it is not easy to expose its own target, and its concealment is good.

dual-spectral: infrared thermal imaging technology and general security monitoring products provides thermal imaging and dual-field monitoring of visible light. The advantages of the two are complemented, making security monitoring more adaptable to the environment, farther and more efficient.

Intelligent application is effectively enhanced: by transplanting the intelligent algorithm technology originally applied to visible light into the infrared thermal imaging image algorithm and improving it, using its special imaging characteristics, some intelligent algorithms such as intrusion, cross-border, human body detection accuracy, error The rate has been significantly improved.

More monitoring dimensions: Infrared thermal imaging increases the human senses from five to six, visually displaying the temperature field on the surface of the object, and detecting information that cannot be detected by visible light.

Of course, infrared thermal imaging technology also has certain limitations. For example, it is not possible to see targets through transparent obstacles, such as window glass; the cost is higher (especially optical cost) and lower resolution than visible light monitoring products.


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