November 7, 2018

Advantages of laser cameras relative to infrared cameras

  1. laserThe laser camera has a high definition. Infrared cameras can see images at night, but they are often invisible. In addition, ordinary infrared cameras have limited monitoring distance and are not feasible in some demanding security monitoring sites. The laser camera is different, it can ignore the light intensity, through the laser infrared components and ultra-low illumination components, even in a completely dark environment can achieve hundreds of meters of night vision, while the imaging is clear.
  2. The laser camera has a long life. The life of laser surveillance cameras is three times that of ordinary infrared cameras. This has an outstanding advantage in environments that require 24-hour monitoring.
  3. The laser camera automatically adjusts the lens focal length. Many laser cameras have a certain intelligent function, which can automatically adjust the length of the lens according to the distance and moving speed of the object, in order to provide clear image quality.
  4. Laser camera low carbon green function. The traditional infrared camera has a large amount of heat dissipation, consumes a lot of power, and the internal heat is not emitted, and the laser camera does not have this problem. The advantages of laser cameras are indeed obvious, and the shortcomings of infrared cameras are also outstanding.
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