March 28, 2017

Anti-Drone technology by radar and infrared security camera system

In recent years, the rapid growth of UAV market, in aerial photography, mapping, delivery, rescue and other fields play an important role. But there are “trouble” follows, UAV combat function is expanding on stealth penetration, communications relay, air fighting and other aspects .became a threat to the whole process of combat.For the increasingly threat of UAV, anti-Drone technology and its application on various types of weapons equipment became hot spot.


Hope-Wish based on HD infrared laser and thermal imaging technology, combine with photoelectric platform and image recognition/tracking technology, install on the high point, in the range of 720 degrees of stereo space ,detect distance for  light aircraft detection up to 10km, micro-UAV Up to 2km, tracking speed of 200° / s, can capture and tracking micro-UAV with speed of 30 m/ s  and supersonic aircraft of 340 m / s .


Together with radar, provide information such as the location, distance, height and other intelligence information for air defense departments, key area protection, anti-terrorism operations , meanwhile the system has auto focus, remote control, image transmission and real-time display records and other functions.


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