February 15, 2019

Application advantages of security infrared thermal imaging

Infrared camera products have many advantages and performance characteristics, and they play different roles in various fields. Because of the many performance and functional advantages of the products, today we will see if there is a huge breakthrough in the security of thermal imaging products. .

The true “infrared camera” is increasingly used in the non-military sector. The decisive factor is that the actual scene may be completely dark, while the thermal imaging camera records infrared radiation from the object itself. The instrument also penetrates smoke or fog, a unique advantage that helps rescuers on land or on the high seas to conduct personnel search and rescue operations. With the help of thermal imaging cameras, the fire brigade and the marine rescue department have saved countless lives. .

Six advantages of infrared camera:

1. Objects or personnel can be detected under dark conditions.

2, able to “see” the scene without lighting, so you can guard against intruders.

3. Detection through dense fog or smoke on land or at sea.

4. Personnel and on-site monitoring.

5. Security monitoring in key areas.

6, in the dark and dense fog environment, can rescue the victims.

A new generation of security surveillance infrared camera products with different advantages and performance, it is also known as passive infrared imager. Any object emits infrared rays that are invisible to the eye. Infrared cameras use this type of ray to form an image. The principle is similar to that of visible light imaging, but the difference is in the material of the lens and sensor.

Infrared cameras have advantages over ordinary visible light cameras:

1, in the absence of light, can be imaged, the effect is basically not affected by light.

2. In the case of a thick smoke screen, the target can be detected with little impact.

3. The ability to overcome rain, snow and fog is high, and the target can be observed from a distance.

Therefore, the infrared camera in the security field is a very effective device. The application field is very extensive and is often used to:

There are many things that need to be done in security work. Some advanced technology products, such as thermal imaging cameras, are used. The applications include fire monitoring, camouflage and concealed target identification, and security patrols at night and in harsh weather conditions. , key departments, construction, warehouse security, fire monitoring, onshore and port traffic security, airport monitoring, inspection and quarantine body temperature monitoring and other fields.

With a distance of several kilometers, it is ideal for border patrols, violent defense, night reconnaissance, industrial security, equipment security, dock port security, commercial security and other fields.

No need to launch any light, with concealed ability, can be installed in airport security monitoring, civil aviation facilities, important administrative centers, bank treasury, confidential rooms, military sites, prisons, cultural relics, guns and ammunition depots, dangerous goods warehouses, etc. place.

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