October 30, 2017

Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging camera in Remote surveillance

Atmosphere, smoke, etc. can absorb visible light and near infrared, but for 3 ~ 5μm and 8 ~ 14μm thermal infrared is Powerless. Infrared thermal imaging camera take use of these two gaps successfully monitoring in the fog days or completely dark night . It is because of this feature, infrared thermal imaging technology in the war and remote monitoring area played a significant role. Infrared thermal imaging camera can measure the temperature of all the things , all the objects on the surface of the Earth there will be heat, different objects’ surface heat with different thermal imaging picture, infrared thermal camera successfully help us To search and monitor the work for industrial production, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on.

Advantages of the infrared thermal imaging include the accuracy of the measurement, can work in a variety of harsh conditions, with a hidden detection function. it does not require visible light when working, visual distance up to several kilometers, it could penetrate smoke, fog, rain and continue to work ,suitable for varies monitoring business.

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