April 27, 2018

Application of infrared thermal imaging camera

Infrared thermal imaging technology is used to detect the infrared radiation of the target object and convert the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image through photoelectric conversion and signal processing. We call this infrared thermal imager.

Infrared thermal imaging camera can be divided into two  categories, cooled and uncooled. The cooled thermal imaging camera has a high thermal sensitivity and a complex structure, and is generally used for military purposes. The uncooled type has a lower sensitivity than the cooled type, but its performance can satisfy most military applications and almost all civil fields. Because it does not need to be equipped with cooling equipment, the reliability and cost-effectiveness of uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera are higher than those of the cooled thermal camera.

  • Target monitoring at night and in adverse weather conditions

At night, visible light cameras have been unable to work properly. If artificial lighting is used, it is easy to expose the target.If low-vision night vision equipment is used, it also works in the visible light range and still requires external light illumination,The infrared thermal imager passively accepts the target’s own infrared thermal radiation, and can work normally both during the day and night, and will not expose itself. Also in rain, fog and other harsh weather conditions,Because of the short wavelength of visible light and the poor ability to overcome obstacles, the observation effect is poor, but the wavelength of infrared light is long. Especially for thermal imagers working on 8-14um, the ability to penetrate rain and fog is high, so it can still be normal use,Therefore, at night and in bad weather conditions, infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can be used to monitor various targets such as people and vehicles.


  • Fire prevention and alarm

Since infrared thermal imagers are devices that reflect the surface temperature of an object,Therefore, in addition to being used as a site monitor at night, it can also be used as an effective fire alarm device. In large-area forests, fires are often triggered by unobvious hidden fires. This is the root cause of devastating fires. With the existing common methods, it is difficult to find such hidden fire signs. The use of infrared thermal imager can quickly and effectively find these hidden flames, and accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, through the smoke found that the fire point, so that as early as possible to prevent early, extinguished as early as possible.


  • Disguise and concealed target recognition

Common camouflage is based on preventing visible light observations. The crimes committed by ordinary criminals are usually hidden in the grass and forests. Due to the harsh environment and human visual illusions, it is easy to make erroneous judgments. The infrared thermal imaging device passively receives the thermal radiation of the target itself, and the temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and the vehicle are generally much larger than the temperature and infrared radiation of the vegetation, so it is not easy to disguise, nor is it easy to produce erroneous judgments.



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