September 3, 2018

Application of infrared thermal imaging in cross-border alarm

In recent years, traditional security equipment still has some shortcomings. the defense zone is long, and does not have precise positioning function;There are too many monitoring points, and real-time monitoring is difficult;In many cases, it is necessary to rely on post-mortem tracking and playback; it is prone to false positives; it is susceptible to the bad weather of fog, rain and snow. Especially in the case of cross-border alarms, a series of factors have made it a challenge for the security industry to monitor 24 hours a day and night.In the daytime to protect the safety of a certain area, as well as security work at night,In case of bad weather such as smog, rain, snow, wind and sandstorms, it is necessary to take countermeasures.

Cross-border intrusion alarms usually refer to the monitoring of a linear boundary. When an illegal passage of the boundary is found, an alarm is issued to achieve monitoring and protection of the target area. Many tools can be used to help detect potential intruders in the dark. No matter which solution or technology is chosen to protect an area, there are advantages and disadvantages. Infrared thermal imagers have a unique advantage in cross-border alarm systems.

Advantages of infrared thermal imaging:

1. Work all day, no light source, no fear of glare.

2. It has strong ability to penetrate fog, rain and snow, and can adapt to imaging under all weather conditions.

3. strong ability to identify camouflage .

4. With temperature detection capability, it is more conducive to improving the readiness of intelligent analysis than visible light.

5. Simultaneously observe the target within a large scene range of 1 to 2 km depth.

Taking railway monitoring as an example, the conventional railway protection alarms mainly include bridge and tunnel notification alarms, falling rock detection alarms, landslide and squall detection alarms, avalanche detection alarms, water level detection alarms, etc.With the increasing investment in safety video surveillance along the railway and the gradual decline in the cost of thermal imaging technology, The biggest advantage of adopt a multi-sensor night vision device consisting of laser + thermal imaging + telephoto lens is to make full use of the advantages of the imaging principle of each band, and finally meet the needs of all departments.

The infrared thermal imager independently developed by Hope-Wish can cope with severe outdoor environment, dustproof, windproof, rainproof and pet-proof, greatly reducing the possibility of false positives. With the early warning software platform, once an attempt is made to detect someone or a vehicle , it will immediately alarm. The embedded intelligent analysis technology monitoring and tracking system can use its intrusion detection and automatic tracking function modules to solve the problem of border intrusion prevention. Built-in powerful alarm analysis module, reliable performance and reduced false alarm rate.

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