August 21, 2017

The Application of Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera

the advantages of infrared thermal imaging camera for the maintenance of High voltage DC electrical equipment and the preventive test of power test equipment.

1、Infrared thermal imaging is an online detection method that does not affect the operation of the equipment. most failure of the equipment can cause overheating, so it can be applied to a wide range.

2、With the progress of infrared detection technology the current infrared thermal imaging accuracy has been very high, Can be more realistic reflect the actual temperature distribution of the running equipment.

3、Infrared thermal imaging can be carried out in a large range without time constraints.

temperature measurement thermal camera

That’s why by infrared thermal imaging for electrical equipment precautionary test is shorter timer than other test.and applicable equipment type is very much.

temperature detect thermal

Hope-Wish temperature measurement thermal imaging camera adopt 320X240 resolution uncooled high sensitivity micro-radiation temperature measurement focal plane imaging device, the internal use of high-speed digital processing circuit,could detect a wide range of target in real time, Output thermal distribution image and temperature information.Full – screen maximum temperature point real – time tracking (dynamic);Sending the highest and lowest temperature position coordinates in the image; setting and obtaining the maximum temperature and its position coordinates for the maximum of 32 sub-regions,The maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and average temperature value are displayed in the video image.


Widely used in power detection, industrial online testing, medical temperature measurement, health and epidemic prevention, building detection, circuit research and design thermal analysis, forest fire and other fields. Uncooled focal plane detector, small size, long life, more stable and lower power consumption than the conventional cooled detector, NETD less than 60mk, with a higher temperature detection accuracy. Advanced DSP circuit processing design, light weight, low power consumption, high reliability, easy to use. Up to 10 kinds of pseudo-color display mode, easy for different scenes to achieve the best display quality, can be set up to 32 sub-areas, can be set to detect maximum temperature and alarm thresholds respectively.


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