October 16, 2017

Application of Thermal Imaging Cameras in the Power Industry

Temperature detection technology has a wide range of applications in people’s  daily life,especially in the electrical and electrical equipment safety testing, smelting industrial high temperature testing, petrochemical leak detection, building potential fracture detection and other fields, many potential risks due to damage to the equipment or Poor contact,which human eyes can’t be observed,And these potential failures usually produce local overheating, can be detected by temperature detection.the development of Thermal technology, has brought new breakthroughs to the temperature detection.

thermal camera

Hope-Wish designed the set of infrared thermal imaging as a device of over-temperature monitoring platform, the use of thermal imaging principle, by receiving the infrared light emitted by the object, transmit the infrared radiation into a video signal, in order to monitor the equipment temperature and Other unusual events.and solve the overheating problem when equipment running .

thermal camera 2

As the technology is detection on the infrared light of the device surface surface , non-contact, long-range thermal imaging detection, free from electric field interference, so it’s accurate, high sensitivity, fast, safe, can fundamentally change The way of early manual inspection equipment.

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