May 17, 2017

What applications can a thermal imaging camera be used for?

Thermal camera originally developed for military use ,now have migrated into other fields and have found many other uses.

1: public safety: infrared camera for anti-smuggling, evidence and bank, the store’s night safety surveillance or fog observation, forest fire alarm and so on.

2: petroleum industry: infrared thermal camera is mainly used for oil and petrochemical equipment testing, power facilities testing, security monitoring, gas leak detection, fire rescue and so on.


3: the construction industry: infrared thermal camera for the building insulation energy-saving applications, wall, roof leakage detection.

4: fire search and rescue: infrared thermal camera can be used for personnel search and rescue, dangerous item detection, fire clearance, electrical fire detection, mechanical equipment fire detection, hidden fire detection.

5: the medical industry: in the medical monitoring and disease can be used for disease diagnosis, drug effects research, surgical operation monitoring.

6: mine safety: infrared thermal camera is a essential equipment for the mine rescue team , mainly for life detection, underground fire detection, human temperature, mining explosives monitoring.

7: Maritime: Infrared thermal camera is mainly used for all-weather monitoring , used to assist in observing law enforcement, patrol vessels ; can also help observe whether there are ships with oil spill and sewage phenomenon.


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