May 3, 2018

Border/coastal security-Long range infrared thermal imaging surveillance solution

Hope-Wish professional design and manufacture border and coastal thermal surveillance system ,ZTRC series IR/EO surveillance system military grade design suitable for long range rugged border and coastal environment. It can quickly detect intruders several kilometers away, even in the nights, heavy fog, snow, and smog.

night vision ir surveillance

System Feature:

1、7/24H surveillance; both HD camera and infrared thermal imaging camera could have effective monitoring day and night on the ground or low-lying areas.

2、Target locking and tracking in a simple context:Targets that appear in the field of view of the daylight camera or infrared camera can be segmented. The track window can be superimposed on the target, and the pan tilt can be linked to track the target.

3、Alarm area, alarm line setting function:A warning area with arbitrary shapes can be manually set on the image of multiple front-end devices on the display control software interface.Automatic sound and light alarm for moving targets in the alarm area.

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4、Real-time seamless scanning and panoramic image mosaic functions:

It can spliced the images of the continuous surveillance area monitored from the start position to the end position of the turntable in a fan-shaped scanning process into an image in real time.

5、Electronic image stabilization function:Can improve the target sharpness in the case of image shaking, weaken the long-focus situation, the impact of the turntable jitter on the image.

6、Target distance measurement function: It can calculate the distance between the typical target (known as people, cars, etc.) and the turntable at a known height.

7、Preset automatic patrol function:According to the preset monitoring position, field of view angle, and lens focal length information, the system automatically cycles through the preset positions and pauses according to the time set at each point.

8、Data recording, retrieval and playback functions: Real-time recording, previewing, and playback of image data, and can be retrieved by time, place, events, etc., with normal, fast, slow, frame-by-frame advance and rewind, pause, and image capture functions during playback.

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