May 18, 2018

Which camera is better for long range surveillance at night? night vision NIR laser camera,thermal security camera?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the security industry and people’s awareness of security prevention, high-definition, networked, and intelligent cameras are the basic equipment for security monitoring.Indoor surveillance and monitoring under normal conditions during the day are no problem.Outdoor, night vision monitoring, and other special conditions of the monitoring environment pose even more severe challenges to the stability and performance of the camera.

Laser night vision technology has appeared in China for nearly a decade. It belongs to active infrared night vision technology. Its principle is to spread the laser point light source through optical diffusion to achieve the purpose of night lighting. The laser night vision monitoring system uses a high-throughput night-vision lens to receive the target reflected light image, and then uses a low-light-rate CCD camera to capture the image and output it. The advent of laser night-vision devices completely compensated for the long-range effects of night vision. Laser camera features and advantages are mainly reflected in several aspects:

1. long surveillance distance.

Laser night vision technology is an effective way to achieve long-range night vision monitoring, because the laser has high brightness, good coherence, monochromaticity, directionality, long life, and the CCD’s sensitivity to its wavelength is greater than that of the LED,And light intensity is much stronger than conventional light sources.The laser camera can be divided into close-range laser cameras (effective night vision monitoring distance is 100-500 meters) and medium-distance laser cameras (effective night vision monitoring distance is 500-1000 meters) and long-distance laser cameras (effective night vision) according to the monitoring distance. The monitoring distance is 1000-3000 meters).In addition, because the laser camera laser light source is invisible to the human eye and has certain hidden advantages and technical advantages of night vision monitoring distance, in recent years it is gradually being investigated by the public, prosecutors, and the law, criminal investigation and video recording and television special news reporter special video. Reports and military fields are widely used.

2. automatically adjust the focal length

Although the infrared camera will see the image at night, but often can not see the face, in addition, the ordinary infrared surveillance distance is limited, which in some demanding security monitoring sites is very regrettable. The laser camera can ignore the light intensity, through the laser infrared components and ultra-low light optical components, the camera can achieve high-definition night vision at close range in a completely dark environment, while ensuring clear imaging. Many laser cameras have certain intelligent functions. It can automatically adjust the length of the lens according to the object’s distance and speed to provide clear image quality.

3, long life, laser surveillance camera is 3 times the life of ordinary infrared cameras. In the environment that requires 24-hour monitoring, it has more outstanding advantages.

4, environmental protection. The traditional infrared camera has a large amount of heat dissipation, not only consumes more power, but also does not emit heat in the fuselage, causing the fuselage to overheat, which seriously affects the life of the electronic components in the camera, while the laser camera does not have this hidden danger.

This shows that in the field of security night vision surveillance, the application advantages of laser cameras are very obvious.

Suitable for highways, high-speed railways, public security police, energy power, environmental protection water conservancy, safe cities, airport ports, oil depots, long-distance pipelines, large-scale factory mining areas, border defense lines, maritime fishery, ecological protection, military bases and many other Field of application.

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