July 24, 2018

Can the thermal imaging camera see through the wall?

Generally not

Thermal imaging and low-light imaging are two typical night vision techniques. They are mainly used to observe the surrounding conditions in the dark environment where the visible light is weak or no visible light. The infrared imaging is invisible to the naked eye by the object radiating or reflecting in the photosensitive element. It is displayed by electronic technology. Since any object cannot be absolutely 0 degrees (-273 degrees Celsius), all objects have infrared radiation characteristics.

But infrared light is the same as visible light, except that the wavelength is greater than visible light, and the spectrum is outside the red light. Therefore, visible light cannot pass through an opaque wall, and infrared rays cannot pass through too.Only the high-energy particles (the spectrum is located at the far ultraviolet position) can have the traversing characteristics, and the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the penetration, such as the X-ray radiation can pass through the human body, the alpha particles can pass through a certain thickness of the steel plate, and the neutron beam can even cross the heavy metal! Infrared does not see through the wall, and the image is infrared. The hotter the image, the brighter the image,It is completely different from what you usually see!

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