August 14, 2017

how to choose a best long range thermal camera

Thermal cameras are powerful devices designed for three things – prevention, maintenance, and solution. These allow them to be used for industrial, commercial, medical, environmental, and safety purposes. especially for long range thermal camera,it’s a good tool for border,seaport,railway surveillance,etc.

But how to choose a good thermal camera?

Take the Hope-Wish thermal camera as a reference,  In this article, we’ll introduce you the best thermal camera’s feature.

  • Adopt imported Vox detector, detect sensitivity up to 0.03 ℃ below, better than polysilicon detector which detect sensitivity is 0.1 ℃
  • under the condition of same lens, Vox detector with longer detection distance and clearer.


  • compared to domestic detectors, imported detectors is better in stability and lower failure rate.
  • image processing. Generally the import detector is 9HZ at the same time the image effect is poor, we have professional technician to restore the effect at the same time, join our own image processing algorithm , finally the effect is better than their original effect.


  • Adopt Independent R & D designed optical continuous zoom lens , auto focus. Which could for a wide range of observation , also for long-range observation. Currently most of the thermal cameras on the market are fixed focus lens, not so convenient to use and with big limitations of observation
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