August 7, 2017

How to choose a right night vision IR camera ?

Night vision surveillance technology can be divided into active infrared technology and passive infrared technology. As this, night vision products could divided into two categories: active night vision products (like general infrared camera and laser infrared camera)and passive night vision products (like low light night vision camera and infrared thermal camera).

Hope-Wish IR laser camera Compared with the traditional monitoring products:

  1. long range night vision:   Take a human reference,identify distance 100m-3000m
  2. Clear view at night:   Ordinary infrared light products, beam dispersion,Serious attenuation for a little long range and poor lighting effect, our laser camera,with laser fill-inlight,Energy concentration, and synchronized with the zoom lens
  3. Longer service life:   Ordinary infrared light products,fast lighting power attenuation ,usually after one year,it             attenuation a lot and with bad view, our laser with slow decay and work for more than 5 years.

Compared with competitor:

  • HD ir illuminator ,Better than the ordinary illuminator.
  • Super homogenization technology,absolute leader in this line, homogenization degree of light spot Up to 90% or more .

IR camera

  • better effect of strong light suppression ,For traffic, police and other special industries,We do a strong light suppression treatment in both optical and image, the effect is better than other manufacture.

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