August 29, 2017

How to choose a good fog penetrating camera in foggy and rainy conditions

The function of Fog penetrating camera is like its name which could see clear image in foggy weather, also it could see through the dust,water vapor and some small obstacles, now mainly used in forest fire prevention, hydrological monitoring, coastal surveillance, border security, battlefield investigation, oil field , port, safe city , road , and aerospace surveillance. For example, in the safe city surveillance, by ordinary camera you can only see clear image of road conditions in good weather, once met foggy weather it’s hardly to see clear.

By Hope-Wish fog penetrating camera, it could penetrate thick fog to see clear target in both color mode or B/W mode.



Feature of Hope-Wish fog penetrating camera

  1. Optical filtering and image processing technology, color and B/W fog penetration mode.
  2.  Exclusive AFR imaging enhancement algorithm can correct the image in black/serious backlight/foggy environment and increase frame frequency to 30 fps. With the AFR, the camera can adjust image contrast in foggy environment and enhance image details.
  3. Optional 300mm~1000mm zooming lens and SD 440000 pixel/HD 2 megapixel CCD, CMOS camera.
  4. 360°continuously rotation platform with 20kgs/50kgs duty.
  5. One integral aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, IP66 ingress protection, dustproof, rainproof.


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