November 27, 2017

A Color Night Vision Security Camera or a Black and White Night Vision Security Camera?

A color night vision security camera often features an infrared (IR) cutoff filter to provide integrated night vision. It enables you to identify an object’s color, but that requires a high light level in the surveillance environment. Black and white security cameras are intended for very poor lighting conditions, which allow you to see objects clearly in black and white in the dark.

Which one to choose? A color camera or a black and white camera? You can choose the color and black and white security camera system, which features both — real color images with day vision of high resolution and clear footage of night vision.

Night vision security cameras are able to monitor low-lit to completely dark environments (without compromising image quality).

If you need night vision surveillance technology to protect your property, consider the benefits of night vision security cameras or night vision surveillance cameras with an IR illuminator, which allow you to see clearly what is going on outside.Today’s night vision security cameras are highly functional and cost-effective when it comes to home security. You do not have to worry about low-quality, unidentifiable images in nighttime settings. With day / night cameras, you can observe the perimeter of your property even when it is pitch-black outside.

True day / night security cameras produce black and white images at night, and capture color images during the day. Black and white images at night are easy to depict, and are less grainy than many poor-quality night vision cameras. As daylight diminishes day / night cameras record night scenes in black and white in order to reduce noise, and heighten the quality of the image. Once the IR cut filter is removed from the surveillance camera, it enables the image sensor to become sensitive to near-IR wavelengths, thus making it possible for the camera’s light sensitivity to reach down to extremely low light levels or even complete darkness.

These innovative day/night vision surveillance cameras with removable IR cut filters work just as well during the day when sunlight is available. After the sun sets, the night vision security camera automatically relies on near-IR light to switch to night mode. In low-light or challenging lighting conditions, the day/night camera will be able to produce properly exposed images with such technologies as Wide Dynamic Range and IR illuminators.

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