September 26, 2018

The comparision of analog camera and IP camera

Both, the Analog and IP cameras work well in business or a home security system. While an Analog Camera feeds images directly into VCD, DVD or television, an IP camera feeds the images directly into your web server.

The main difference between the two systems is the components used and where the video is compressed. For an analog camera, the analog signal is converted to digital, and then again converted back to analog to transmit it to a Video monitor or a recording device like DVR- where it is stored after being encoded. While in an IP camera, the image is compressed and then transmitted by an Ethernet connection to be stored in the Network Video Recorder or NVR.

  Analog Camera IP Camera



– Cheaper than IP cameras

– Work well in many different hues of light, including low-light conditions

– Stable motion sensitivity – works well in earthquakes, windstorms etc compared to IP cameras

– No maintenance required

– Reliable as these systems have been used for over 50 years

– Advanced technology

– Easy to install

– The image remains clear even at longer distances

– Extremely clear images

– Resolution up to 10 megapixels

– The security feed is encrypted before being transferred to the web server.

– Very easy to transmit the footage over long distances, wirelessly.

– Easy remote access

– Intelligent cameras eg. They can send you a signal when they sense motion



– Technologically old (about 50 years)

– Difficult to install as they require to be wired

– The image loses clarity as the distance increases

– Maximum resolution: 0.4 megapixel

– Images are fed into a recording device like DVD, VCD etc. Anyone who has access to these can tamper with the footage.

– Expensive

– Works well only in well-lit conditions

– Less stable motion sensitivity compared to Analog Cameras

– Networks can become infected with viruses or malware, thus reducing the security of the system

– A Network failure can lead to a loss of footage.

– Require skilled maintenance.

– Higher bandwidth required

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