July 25, 2017

Comparison of HD IR laser camera and Ordinary IR LED

with the promotion of HD cameras, more and more engineers, especially the one who has not come into the security area before will doubt why the price of HD ir laser camera is more expensive than ordinary HD infrared LED, what’s the difference between IR laser and LED.

  1. Energy concentration.Laser beam energy concentration, and infrared light divergence, so compare the effect of night vision ,the effect of laser is more clear than infrared light .
  2. Spot uniformity. For laser infrared light, in order to achieve a more uniform effect of uniform irradiation, should take measures to homogenize laser light intensity distribution mode .
  3. Cost issues. Forthe initial purchase cost, LED infrared light has a low price characteristics. While the cost of laser infrared light higher. However, if consider of the maintenance costs and lighting effects , laser infrared light has a higher cost performance.
  4. Service life. Heat and production process control and other factors determine the laser infrared light has a longer life and better stability.


Finally, the ir laser is much better than infrared light in the overall effect and the service life , ordinary infrared light with shorter distance, and short life, Hope-Wish based on long-distance laser night vision, starting from the quality of the effect,escort in the field of HD laser camera. Supply the best IR illuminator in the world.

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