May 11, 2018

Defog technology in long range surveillance system

The video surveillance equipment in smog weather is mainly affected by the following three aspects:

First, the reflected light is attenuated by the scattering of atmospheric particles, resulting in degradation of the contrast of the object;

Second, some large particles of atmospheric particles obstruct the imaging of pixels, resulting in loss of image details;

Third, irrelevant natural light participates in imaging through refraction, resulting in image saturation, reduced contrast, and hue shift.

The contrast and color of the outdoor scene image will be changed or degraded, making many of the features in the image covered or blurred, resulting in the video surveillance product can not capture a clear image of the scene.

Therefore, the security market have a big demand for HD network cameras with real-time defogging capabilities.

The defogging technology of the camera can be divided into two kinds: physical defogging and digital defogging. The physical defogging that is the optical fog is mainly achieved by the camera lens, high-definition fog lens is generally realized on the large electric zoom lens, mainly used in ports, forest highs and other scenes.

Digital defogging is implemented on the camera or back-end software. It is a back-end image restoration technology based on the human visual perception model. It is low-cost, easy to deploy, and is suitable for application in city surveillance and seaport or coastal surveillance.

Hope-Wish VC series long-range fog penetration camera is designed for bad weather conditions. With the intelligent photoelectric linkage, optical and AFR image processing technology, the camera uses the long wavelength light to enhance image details in foggy, moist and dusty environment, and increase the effective view distance by 1.7 to 2.3 times.

Optional 200mm~1000mm telephoto zooming lens and 440000 pixel/ 2 megapixel visible color to B/W CCD, and with the 360°continuously rotation platform, the camera can monitor a region of 2km~10km clearly.

With built-in technical grade electronic control system, the camera can complete functions like zooming, focusing and video switch easily. One integral aluminum alloy housing and IP66 ingress protection ensures its proper functioning outdoor.

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