July 16, 2018

The Development and Application of infrared thermal imaging technology

Infrared is an electromagnetic wave that has the same essence as radio waves and visible light. Thermal imaging technology using a special electronic device to convert the temperature distribution of the surface of the object into a visible image,and displaying the surface temperature distribution in different colors.

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used in both military and civilian applications. With the maturity of thermal imaging technology and the advent of various low-cost thermal imaging cameras suitable for civilian use, it has played an increasingly important role in various sectors of the national economy. In industrial production, many equipments are often used in high temperature, high pressure and high speed operation. The infrared thermal imager is used to detect and monitor these equipments, which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment and find abnormal conditions in order to eliminate hidden dangers in time. At the same time, the quality control and management of industrial products can also be carried out using thermal imaging cameras.

In addition, thermal imaging cameras have important applications in many fields, including medical, public security, fire protection, archaeology, transportation, agriculture, and geology. Such as building heat leak search, forest fire detection, fire source search, marine rescue, ore fracture identification, missile engine inspection, public security reconnaissance and non-destructive inspection of various materials and products.

As one of the largest suppliers of infrared cameras in China with the largest number of products and the most complete varieties of products, Hope-Wish Technology has realized a complete scientific research and production system covering the core devices, processing circuits and complete systems. And the uncooled focal plane detectors are fully industrialized, With complete R & D, production management and quality control system, complete manufacturing, equipment SMT, finishing equipment and complete infrared detection equipment.

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