August 22, 2018

The difference between cooled thermal camera and uncooled thermal camera

1. The utilization rate of the cooling type thermal imaging camera is closely related to its own refrigerator. The working time of the refrigerator is directly related to the service life of the infrared camera. Relatively speaking, the service life of the uncooled infrared camera will be even longer. but due to the aging of components, measurement accuracy will also be reduced.

2. price

In general, cooled infrared thermal imaging camera are expensive, while uncooled thermal imaging camera prices are relatively low.

3. Volume

Since the cooled infrared thermal camera requires the refrigerator to work together, the cooled  thermal imaging camera is larger than the uncooled camera.

4. Power consumption

cooled infrared thermal imagers require the chiller to cool down during operation, so they consume more energy and consume more power than uncooled thermal imaging cameras.

5. Sensitivity, accuracy, error

When the cooling infrared thermal imager is working, the chiller works first to reduce its own temperature, so that it has higher sensitivity, higher precision, smaller error and wider detection temperature range when detecting other objects. The uncooled infrared thermal imager is incapable of these aspects, especially the non-uniformity of the uncooled infrared focal plane array has a great influence on the measurement

6. Reliability

The cooled thermal imaging camera is more reliable because of its high precision, small error and high sensitivity.

7. Application

For the scope of application, in the military field, compared with the traditional imaging system, the structure of the uncooled infrared imager is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the resolution, detection sensitivity and reliability of the imager are improved.

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