January 24, 2019

Explosion-proof infrared camera installation and use precautions

Explosion-proof infrared camera installation position to avoid glare (such as sunlight, lighting, etc.), otherwise it will easily cause excessive light or light (not fault), it will also affect the life of CCD; in addition, infrared has the same reflection as visible light Characteristics such as refraction, so there should be a certain distance margin when there is no good reflective environment around the target scene (such as buildings, fences, signs); the transmittance and reflectivity of different media are different, so different protective glasses, especially It is a glass with an automatic defrost coating layer, which will cause certain attenuation of infrared light, and special care must be taken during construction.

Explosion-proof infrared cameras should be protected from humid, dusty, extremely hot, extremely cold, and strong electromagnetic radiation. Rain, fog, dust and other climatic conditions are factors that restrict the distance of infrared light irradiation. In addition, the difference between the on-site environment and the reflectance of the monitored target will also make the night vision effect very different, so it is necessary to install the explosion-proof infrared before installation. The camera is tested.

Thermal imaging monitoring also performs well in other areas. For example, forest fire prevention. In addition to nighttime use as a field monitor, infrared thermal imaging provides preventive work for fire detection by reflecting the surface temperature of the object. Infrared thermal imaging can quickly and effectively detect smoldering fires and accurately determine the location and extent of fires.

There are more and more brands of explosion-proof infrared cameras. However, the conditions for the factory inspection, technology, testing equipment and other related products are not the same. Users should choose more explosion-proof infrared cameras. The explosion-proof infrared cameras on the market mostly use two infrared bands of 850nm and 940nm, and the infrared band of 850nm is more stable. In addition, users should choose an explosion-proof infrared camera with electronic control switching device, and its fuzzy logic ability can effectively control ICR- The working state of the CUT filter can make the infrared fill light more stable. Some manufacturers’ infrared lamps of explosion-proof infrared cameras have no irradiation distance parameters, only the number of powers. This is a very vague concept, because power consumption is not only converted into infrared light energy, but also includes power supply heat loss, circuit heat loss, and light source heat loss. , filter glass sheet infrared light efficiency and so on.

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