July 31, 2018

The feature of Hope-Wish night vision ir laser technology

The laser is a point source. It has an effect on people without treatment. If it is to be a product, it needs to be homogenized and expanded to make the energy distribution in a relatively large range. The laser energy per unit area is very high. Small, nature has no effect on people.

The Hope-wish Laser Night Vision has a unique GHT HD lens group ultra-homogenization and optical power control technology for excellent illumination and high-definition imaging at night in full black. The unique DSS digital illumination angle control technology and Z-super laser angle and imaging magnification matching algorithm make the laser close to the target while the laser intelligent automatically follows, displaying the target with the best angle and illumination, tracking response time <30ms . Independent light-sensitive control ensures that the camera’s color-to-black and laser switches are precisely synchronized, and the laser night vision function is automatically turned on and off according to the external brightness. It can be equipped with a 360-degree high-precision pan/tilt for full-scale monitoring.

Hope-Wish has been committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of high-end infrared optoelectronic products and industry solutions, focusing on the development, production and sales of infrared thermal imaging products, laser night vision products and industrial system management software, and has been leading the industry in the field of infrared optoelectronics.if any need of long range night vision infrared surveillance system, please contact us.

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