September 19, 2018

The feature of Infrared laser night vision system

Infrared laser night vision system uses laser illumination system, zoom lens, ultra-low illumination infrared camera, all-round pan/tilt, etc.It is made up of scientific and advanced methods. The main features are:

1, color to black and white: with laser infrared lighting system,Realize the real-time surveillance at daytime in color and night with black and white.

2. the laser spot is adjustable: The special laser electric lens can be used to adjust the illumination angle and intensity of the laser spot in real time, realizing no blind spot night vision.

3. monitoring distance: up to 100-5000 meters.

4. low illumination: can be used in the dark environment without any illumination including starlight.

5.  the zoom range is large: the focal length is continuously variable from 16.7-1000mm.

6. the optical axis stability is good: the optical axis fine-tuning system is adopted, and during the full zooming process, the picture does not run off or beat.

Use laser active illumination to illuminate distant, small, or dark targets or parts thereof.It can reduce the influence of background radiation and improve the system’s accurate tracking and imaging measurement capabilities for long-distance, small and dark targets.

The working principle of infrared laser light is basically the same as that of laser radar. By adjusting the focus state (diverging angle) of the emitted laser beam, the key features of the target or the target are illuminated, satisfying the detection requirements of the receiving system, and achieving the purpose of imaging and accurately tracking the target. Illumination emits laser and echo signals that travel through the atmospheric path, and atmospheric background radiation, transmission, scattering and absorption, and turbulence all have an impact on active illumination imaging.

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