July 10, 2018

Where to find the best Night vision ir laser camera

Laser night vision technology

The advantages of laser night vision

What are the advantages of laser night vision technology in the security industry? Please see the technical specifications of laser infrared.

What are the advantages of laser night vision technology in the security industry? Please see the technical specifications of laser infrared.

· Electro-optic conversion rate: The electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser is more than 60%, which is more than 3 times that of LED infrared technology;

· Laser power: single-chip laser tube power of up to 17W, can achieve illumination within a few kilometers;

· Low calorific value: the electro-optic conversion efficiency of the laser reaches more than 60%, and the calorific value is below 40%;

· Laser life: due to high luminous efficiency, low heat generation, metal packaging, the laser has no light decay life of up to 15,000 hours;

· Small laser volume: Since the laser uses a single-chip LED, the volume can be made smaller and does not affect the brightness of the light.

The advantages of lasers make up for the shortcomings of LED infrared lamps.

Laser night vision problems

The entry threshold of laser products is high, the production process is complex, and the products must be produced in a dust-free workshop to ensure quality. In addition, the production of high-reliability laser products requires a group of professional laser technicians. After long-term practice accumulation, the high stability and long life of the products can be guaranteed.

Packaged LED products can be used, but the packaged laser tube can not be used directly. Laser infrared illumination also needs to undergo a “homogenization” process, so that the laser is projected onto the object is a face, but can not form a point . That is, the energy distribution of the beam of the semiconductor laser in the vertical section is uneven, showing a Gaussian distribution, a strong middle, a weakening to the edge, or a distribution of light and dark stripes. Therefore, it is not advisable to directly use a semiconductor laser as an illumination source (there are also non-professional laser lamp manufacturers on the market, and there are a number of problems with the cottage version of the laser lamp, which also makes the user negative impression of the laser infrared lamp). It is necessary to uniformly project such Gaussian-distributed light onto an object. This technology is called laser “homogenization” technology. At present, there are only a few companies that can master laser homogenization technology in China. Hope-Wish is the leader of laser homogenization technology, and supply the best ir illuminator to all over the world, if any need about ir laser camera for border,seaport,airport,railway surveillance and aquaculture security, please contact us.

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