November 28, 2017

Hope-Wish long range night vision IR laser camera for Nicaragua Shrimp Farm

the shrimp farming activity is vulnerable to theft because the farms are very large in area, ranging between 1 and 10 kilometers in length, To care for this extensive area, some shrimp farming employs hundreds persons, with every guard responsible for monitoring approximately 30 hectares. But it’s costly. An effective solution is install long range night vision ir camera which with alarm sensors.

video surveillance can help ensure that farm operations run smoothly, Prevent theft and break-ins, while protecting shrimp, equipment and the entire farm from harm .
Security camera deployment in facilities such as shrimp farms can help in Identifying intruders. When security cameras are placed strategically in a farm they will capture images of anyone entering the property or trespassing on premises. This video evidence can prove helpful when a crime takes place in the premises.

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