March 19, 2018

Hope-Wish Long Range PTZ NIR laser Camera for Qinghai-Tibet Railway Surveillance.

Hope-Wish independent develop and produce the covert infrared laser camera for railway surveillance , to meet the demand for 500-1500m and 24-hour real-time monitoring.

Infrared thermal imaging camera, based on the latest fifth-generation uncooled infrared technology and continuous zoom infrared optical technology, can achieve a distance of 1km – 10km.

The feature for Hope-Wish railway surveillance camera.

1. Long distance surveillance: The laser camera can monitor 3-4km at night but LED camera can monitor 200-300m at the longest.

2. The inevitable choice of high-definition. The low-illumination target pixel of high-definition camera requires a smaller illumination, so the lighting equipment such as led cannot meet the requirements of the high-definition camera, and the high power and collimation characteristics of the laser fully meet the requirements of the high-definition camera.i

3. Green and low carbon. The traditional infrared camera has a large amount of heat radiation (photovoltaic conversion efficiency generally less than 20%), not only consumes more power, but also does not emit heat in the body, causing the fuselage to overheat, seriously affecting the electronic components of the machine. Function, and the laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is generally as high as 50%, which greatly saves energy and does not bring hidden troubles to the collection.

4. Longer life. The lifetime of the laser is generally 5 times that of the infrared LED. This point has a more prominent advantage in an environment requiring 24-hour monitoring.

5.  No red exposure, it is very difficult to illuminate on the railway without affecting the driver’s line of sight. However, the covert laser illuminator is a good solution to this problem.

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