August 14, 2018

Hope-Wish Uncooled infrared thermal imaging technology

Infrared thermal imaging camera uses infrared thermal imaging technology.The device that detects the infrared radiation of the target object and converts the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image by means of photoelectric conversion, signal processing, etc., is called an infrared thermal imager. All objects in the natural environment above absolute zero (-273 ° C) will not emit infrared light. Infrared (or thermal radiation) is the most extensive radiation in nature. The atmosphere, smoke clouds, etc. absorb visible light and near-infrared rays, but are transparent to infrared rays of 3 to 5 microns and 8 to 14 microns. Therefore, these two bands are called the “atmospheric window” of infrared rays. We can use these two windows to clearly observe the situation ahead in a completely dull night or in a harsh environment with clouds. Because of this feature, infrared thermal imaging technology can be used in security night monitoring and forest fire monitoring systems. Infrared thermal imagers can be divided into two types: cold type and non-cool type. The refrigeration type has high thermal sensitivity and complex structure and is generally used for military purposes. The non-cooling type sensitivity is lower than that of the cooling type, but its performance can satisfy most military applications and almost all civil fields. Since there is no need to equip the refrigeration device, the reliability and cost performance of the uncooled infrared thermal imager is higher than that of the cold type.

The uncooled infrared focal plane technology has developed rapidly in the past few years. The uncooled focal plane has grown from a small scale to a medium and large 320×240 and 640×480 array, and it is expected to acquire a super large-scale 1024 in the next few years. × 1024 uncooled focal plane array. The pixel size has also been reduced from 50Lm to 25Lm, which has improved the sensitivity of the focal plane, enabling the uncooled infrared thermal imaging system to be successfully applied in the military field. Some models have been equipped in the military and have been well received. In the future, as the size of focal plane arrays continues to increase and the pixel size is further reduced, the application of uncooled thermal imaging systems in the military field will become more and more extensive, especially in light weapons sights, driver vision enhancers, handheld In terms of weapons such as portable thermal imaging cameras, uncooled thermal imaging systems are expected to gradually replace cumbersome refrigeration-type thermal imaging systems with high prices, poor reliability, and large size in recent years.

Uncooled thermal imaging cameras have been extensively used in military (infrared warning, tracking, aiming, and guidance) and civil applications (power systems, fire protection, medical diagnostics, forest fire warning, anti-smuggling, night security surveillance, search and rescue, etc.). Applications. And with the development of technology, its application in various fields will have better and better results.

Hope-Wish Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research of uncooled infrared thermal imaging, and developed a variety of products such as TC41 series fixed focus and TC series zoom thermal imaging cameras, temperature alarm thermal imaging cameras and so on. And it has been successfully applied in many fields and achieved very good results.

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