April 17, 2017

What is Infrared Laser Camera System

Infrared Laser night vision system Introduction:

Laser infrared camera, adopt active laser infrared technology, with a good background contrast,clear imaging , not affected by external lighting etc, and use of high-resolution low-light color to black camera, identification distance for human, vehicles, facilities and other objectives up to 5000m at night, and could be day/night continuous monitoring .

laser night vision

1, what is the Infrared laser night vision system?

laser night vision system integrated with the NIR laser illuminator, HD zoom lens, ultra-low light infrared camera, green laser launchers and other equipment.

2, the laser night vision device consist of:

the internal industrial-level embedded electronic control system, to stable control the camera zoom, focus, video switching, PTZ pitch / rotation ,

the housing with aluminum alloy up to IP66 ingress protection, to ensure that equipment continuous running in the rugged environment.

3, laser night vision features:

color to black and white: ultra-low-light infrared camera design, with the laser infrared illuminator system, for day/night real-time surveillance.

Laser spot adjustable: adopt special electric laser lens, could adjust the laser spot angle and intensity at real-time.

4, monitoring distance:up to 100 meters -5000 meters.

Low illumination: can be used in total darkness without any lighting source that includes stars.

Zoom range: focal length from 10-500mm continuously variable.

Optical axis stability: adopt optical axis fine-tuning system, in the zooming process, the screen is not running or beating.

5, the system is widely used in:

border/coastal defense, maritime, oilfield, flood control,forest fire prevention, safe city, railway ,seaport and other places need long-range night vision monitoring.

safe cityrailway security

The advantages of this product:

long distance night vision, automatic synchronization zoom , easy to use, easy to use and maintenance.

laser infrared


  • DSS digital stepper illumination angle control, unique laser zooming and distance matching technology, min 0.1° follow-up zooming.
  • GHT super homogenizing and power consumption control of NIR laser ensure a better effect.
  • Independent laser photo cell.
  • 360° continuously rotation PT, rotation stably.
  • One integral aluminum alloy housing, IP66 ingress protection, waterproof, dustproof.

IR laser

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