June 12, 2017

What is Infrared Laser Camera

The laser camera is equipped with laser light source on the surveillance camera. The laser light adopts the spot intensity enhancement technique, and auto focus technology, has the feature of strong luminosity,  more uniform image, Low Power Consumption and longer lifetime.

Laser night vision technology is one of the ways to achieve long-distance surveillance at night , because the laser has a high brightness, good coherence, good monochromaticity, good direction, long life and CCD wavelength of its induction is greater than the LED characteristics Determines that the laser can illuminate farther distances, and that the light intensity is much stronger than the common light source.

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Compared with ordinary infrared camera, the features and advantages of laser camera:

  1. Long surveillance distance. According to the surveillance distance,Laser cameracan be divided into short-distancelaser camera (effective night vision distance is 100-500 meters) and middle -distance laser camera (effective night vision distance is 500-1000 meters) and long-range laser camera (effective night vision distance is 1000-3000 meters).
  2. Could adjust the focal length automatically , clarity greatly improved. Although the ordinary infrared camera will see the image at night, but usually can’tsee the faceclearly, in addition, the surveillance distance of ordinary infrared camera is limited, Laser camera can ignore the strength of light, through the laser infrared components and ultra-low light optical components, the camera can see clearly at total darkness , Many laser cameras have a certain intelligent function, it can automatically adjust the length based on the object’s distance and movement speed in order to provide a clear image.图片2
  3. longer lifetime, laser surveillance cameras are three times the life of ordinary infrared cameras. It’s more suitable for 24 hours surveillance.
  4. its low carbon green function. Traditional infrared camera heat a lot, not only consume more power, and heat in the fuselage does not come out, which causeoverheating, seriously affecting the life of the electronic components in the camera, while the laser camera don’thave the Hidden danger.


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