June 26, 2018

Infrared thermal imaging surveillance system —Oilfield security solution

The oil industry as a large industrial system,Mainly by geological exploration, drilling, logging, geological logging, oil testing, oil production (gas), downhole operations, oil and gas gathering and transportation and preliminary processing, storage and transportation and oil field engineering and other links.Due to the special nature of the oil industry, it can easily cause fire, explosion and other safety hazards in the process of processing and storage of oil depots.The petroleum products themselves have certain toxicity. A large number of leakages and unreasonable discharges will result in poisoning of humans and animals.Therefore, using advanced technology, high-tech monitoring methods to achieve the oil industry’s fire protection, explosion-proof security. To minimize accident losses, it is the development trend of fire prevention monitoring and management in oil production, transportation and storage.

Infrared thermal imaging monitoring system combined with modern network transmission technology can realize real-time monitoring and remote transmission of information, breaking the restrictions of environment, area and distance, and realizing the real-time sharing of remote real-time information resources and intelligent identification and analysis of late software. Effectively protect people’s lives and property safety. The advantages of using infrared thermal imaging monitoring technology are also reflected in the following aspects:

oilfield thermal security

First of all, the imaging principle of infrared thermal imager is based on the temperature difference. As long as the measured object has a temperature difference of 0.05 degrees, the infrared thermal imaging monitoring system can distinguish it and display it visually.This feature precisely meets the need for oil monitoring to be flammable, explosive, and easy to vaporize and requires understanding of subtle temperature changes.

Second, the use of infrared thermal imaging monitoring system can truly achieve all-weather monitoring, especially at night when its observations are as good as during the day or even better.

Third, the infrared thermal imaging monitoring system can also achieve the CCD monitoring alarm, transmission means (network or wireless transmission), and the discovery of hidden alarm time is much earlier than other monitoring means.

The system integrates peripheral defense monitoring, automatic temperature alarm, and security monitoring. The system has high reliability and rapid alarm. It is an ideal tool for the oil network monitoring system.

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