January 29, 2018

Law Enforcement Thermal Imaging Camera –Criminals Can’t Hidden

Criminals may never have thought in the night, Their every move will clearly seen by of the police. According to statistics, 47% of violent crime cases in the world occur between 18 pm and 6 am. The reason is simple – in the darkness, criminals are easily hidden and easily accessible to victims, crime scenes are not easily seen. Now this situation has been changed, with the development of night vision technology, night is no longer an umbrella of criminals. On the contrary, through the night vision device, law enforcement officers can easily find and punish those who intend to commit crimes.

thermal hidden

Law enforcement infrared thermal imaging cameras not only in the case of no light and can be detect in the dark or thick smoke, clouds . including disguised targets and high-speed moving targets, but also requires long-distance Recognition of the target, so law enforcement thermal imaging device is the most advanced and suitable infrared thermal imager.

Law enforcement thermal cameras are used to detect suspects and for  law enforcement officers,It is very important to be able to see in the darkness. By Using this technology, police officers are much safer. police officers could detect potential threats around them, approach and arrest suspects along the routes as safe as possible, and without night vision equipment, they may inevitably meet criminals. “With the continuous improvement of night vision technology, people’s vision has been extended .


Vehicles emit large amounts of heat when in use and after use. Heat radiation comes not only from the engine, but also from the tires, brakes and exhaust pipes. A police helicopter equipped with a thermal imager can track a suspect vehicle from the air, even when it is not driving. A patrol car equipped with a car thermal camera can also track the heat of a vehicle just off the fire and track the suspect vehicle entering the parking lot or away from it.

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