June 5, 2017

What is Night vision infrared technology

Night vision surveillance technology can be divided into active infrared technology and passive infrared technology. As this, night vision products could divided into two categories: active night vision products (like general infrared camera and laser infrared camera)and passive night vision products (like low light night vision camera and infrared thermal camera).

night vision infrared

From the function and positioning of the product, the general infrared camera is suitable for monitoring within 100 meters. usually laser camera can see clear at 3000 meters or even longer, also can be used in total darkness; the low light camera suitable for  less than 1000 meters with moonlight or other weak light environment, the infrared thermal camera is suitable for wide-angle and wide range of environments, detect distance more than 1000 meters , but it can’t distinguish the details of the image,  mainly use in a specific environment which only need to find the target.

Laser camera, the image is clearly . Could find people within 3km and identify within 1 km , long life and low risk. (Also need to pay attention to the active laser source of laser camera , usually it’s not can be seen by human eye , when use of high-power laser camera,the human eye is not allow to see the laser light source directly ). In the fog ability, compared with the infrared camera has an absolute advantage, compared with the infrared thermal camera, there is still a certain gap. But in terms of cost-effective, it’s better than the infrared thermal camera and low-light night vision.


This shows that in the field of security night vision monitoring, laser camera application advantage is very obvious, especially in the highway, high-speed railway,  police, energy and electricity, environmental water conservancy, safe city, airport , oil depot, long-distance pipeline, Large factories and mines, border defense, maritime fishery, ecological protection, military bases and so on.

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