January 22, 2018

Port Security, Coastal Protection, seaport Surveillance night vision IR CCTV thermal camera system

being a major entry point in any country, seaports warrant special attention when it comes to security. Besides the obvious concerns such as unauthorized access, cargo theft and smuggling, post 9/11 terrorist fears and piracy concerns have all made it vital that seaports are given a critical infrastructure status in nations across the globe.

Given that seaports cover expansive areas, live security personnel are unable to monitor all locations at all times.Hope-Wish EO / IR systems are proven for a variety of Homeland Security missions, including protection of seaports and harbors. The applications including the monitoring of seaports facilities, storage areas, container depots and more. In addition, these systems are also proven in Port Safety and Port Management applications including safety of navigation, vessel safety, passenger safety, water taxi control and more. The systems operate 24/7 – by day and by night – even in total darkness and in harsh weather environments that are often characteristic of ports and harbors. They operate automatically, scanning and observing all land and maritime zones for unauthorized activities. If intruders are observed, the systems continue with identification and tracking of the intruders and direction of security forces.

Hope-Wish systems provide the following characteristics for Port / Harbor Safety & Security:

1. detection of intruders (small boats and swimmers) from the sea before they reach the port / harbor area boundary

2.Observation of intruders that were detected by other means

3.Identification and tracking of intruders and direction of security forces

4.Scannig and observation of waters within the port / harbor boundaries, docks and container storage areas for unauthorized activities

5.Surveillance and observation of all ships and boats in the designated area, 24/7

6.Surveillance an observation of land fences in the designated area, 24/7

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