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TRC Series Multi-sensor PTZ Long-range Infrared Laser&Thermal surveillance Camera

TRC series multi-spectrum camera integrating visible camera, near-infrared laser illuminator with thermal camera, is capable of conducting long-range monitoring in all black/foggy/rainy environment. In the daytime, telephoto HD lens works together with the 440000/2000000 pixel visible HD B&W camera.

TVC Long Range day&night PTZ Thermal Security Camera

TVC Long Range Multi Sensor Thermal Camera integrates in thermal imaging camera and visible camera. With PTZ, provide powerful functions for day and night vision. Applying to all condetions, 24/7 real-time surveillance. 2km-15km surveillance range

ETVC Vehicle Mount Dual Sensor Thermal Dome Camera

ETVC Vehicle Mount Dual Sensor Thermal Dome Camera is designed for ship and vehicle mount. Dome shape, small size and compact structure combine with thermal camera and day light camera, that make ETVC good to be used to marine navigation and obtain the moving targets. 1km-4km surveillance range

TC45 Long-Range PTZ Thermal Camera

TC45 series long range thermal imaging cameras use the latest VOx uncooled thermal sensor, Special continuous optical and digital zoom. Long range surveillance without losing sight. Suitable for any perimeter or open area surveillance. 3km-20km surveillance range.

TC41 Middle Range Thermal Camera

TC41 middle range thermal cameras are designed for day&night security surveillance. Vox uncooled sensor could get clearly and sharp imaging in any conditions. 1km-4km surveillance range