Fixed Temperature Detection Thermal camera

KTC series and KTVC dual channel cameras are designed based on the latest 5th uncooled infrared technology. With 336 x256 /640 x480 UFPA sensor. Built- in advanced digital circuit processing technology, which is capable of big scope of temperature detection of targets and output temperature distribution image and temperature information. KTVC series dual channel camera is equipped with 2 Megapixel HD box camera and 360 degree rotation PTZ, which ensure 24 hours real -time monitoring. One integral aluminum alloy housing sealed with nitrogen and IP66 ingress protection ensures its proper functioning outdoor.

KV270 temperature measurement system software, which can realize real time dynamic max temperature point tracking, position coordinates of max temperature and mini temperature. 10 target sub regions, screen display the max temperature, mini temperature, average temperature etc. Built in temperature absolute threshold, airspace relative threshold etc. 6 kinds of alarm algorithms. Alarm (audible and light) will be triggered when temperature exceeds preset value. This camera can be ganged with visual camera for the convenience of timely monitoring of targets. Besides, the camera can also be linked to firefighting system and broadcast systems via the preset switch alarm.

Fixed Temperature Detection Thermal camera Feature

  • More exactly temperature measurement, digital thermometer, thermal image is based on the original data processing, separation between front-end temperature measurement techniques and thermal video.
  • Thermal and 2 megapixel HD dual channel camera, output thermal image and visible image meanwhile, observe specific details.
  • UFPA detector, small size, longer using life, lower power consumption, work more stable than normal uncooled detector.
  • The latest generation of MEMS technology, NETD: 50mk, get more delicate picture.
  • SDE, no image noise, 10 pseudo colors.
  • 10 target sub regions, independently detection and alarm thresholds, return the maxtemperature, min temperature and location from front end
  • Special temperature alarm technology, eliminates false report due to the temperature difference outdoor and weather changes.
  • KTVC automatic multi-points scanning detection, multiple detection areas per preset, 360 degree full time monitoring.
  • Military style design, one integral aluminum alloy housing and sealed with nitrogen, IP66 weatherproof, enable the camera works well in severe weather conditions.
  • IP network design, video, alarm data, location data transmission via one network cable.

Fixed Temperature Detection Thermal camera Application

Power detection, substation, petrochemical, online test of industrial equipment operating, medical thermometer, health and epidemic prevention, building inspection, circuit research and design thermal analysis.


Fixed Temperature Detection Thermal camera Technical specification

Thermal sensor5 th generation UFPA
Resolution384*288 pixel ( 640*512 optional )
Spectral response7.5 ~ 14μm
NETD50mK ( @25 ℃ F1.0 )
Thermal lens10mm F1.020mm F1.0
Housing1, One integral aluminum alloy housing
2, IP66 ingress protection
Image processing1. Stable operation temperature without TEC, starting time less than 4 seconds
2. SDE digital image processing
3. 10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W conversion
4. 2X digital amplification
Temperature accuracy1. Temperature accuracy: ±2 ℃ or ±2% of reading, take the maximum
2. Temperature range: -20 ℃ - 120 ℃ ( 650 ℃ optional )
3. Adjustable parameters, include temperature correction, emissivity, atomospheric transimissivity, humidity
Temperature model1. Support high, low and average temperature tracking, point, line and rectangular detection; multi addable detection targets
2. Each road can be set up to 10 alarm region, independent threshold value and sampling cycle setting, independent curve chart
3. Fixed point monitoring, multi areas addable.
Overheat alarm1. 6 kinds of alarm algorithm, maximum, minimum, average, middle position absolute threshold and airspace relative, time domain, relative value alarm temperature mutations
2. Sound, light alarm. Presets a linkage visible light camera ptz automatic observation target. Reserved switch alarm output, manual/automatic fire extinguishing system and the broadcasting system
Alarm log1. Real-time record each object temperature data, automatically generate trend curve.
2. Can automatic storage temperature when trigger the alarm data, snapshot images and videos, establish and record the related logs, video storage, real-time playback
Interface1. One RJ45 network interface (including video and temperature data), one switch alarm output (linkage acousto-optic alarm, start, fire control system)
2. AC24V/DC24V
3. Waterproof aviation connector
Environment parameters1. Operational temp.: -25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ ( -45 ℃ optional )
2. Power consumption: common 10W, peak 20W

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