MTC Handheld Thermal Imager

MTC series Handheld Thermal Imager is specially designed for mobile observation. With the latest the 5th generation uncooled infrared technology, unique imaging circuit components and AS optical design, it could search and observe object effectively in 5km. It have advantage like low weight, low consumption.

MTC camera is equipped with a high-quality rubber soft cover as per human hands design, which suit both portable and fixed observation, for night collecting evidence, search targets. One integral aluminum alloy housing and sealed with nitrogen, IP66 protection to enable the camera works well in severe weather conditions.

MTC Handheld Thermal Imager Feature

  • 5th generation uncooled thermal sensor, decrease the size, weight and cost.
  • Aluminum alloy housing, weatherproof rate IP65, anti-rain, anti-dust.
  • NETD up to 50mk, higher sensitivity, little effect by rain, fog, and snow, obtain more delicate picture.
  • Unique AS optical design and high precision optical mechanical design, excellent image quality.
  • Excellent non-uniform image correct technology, good image and dynamic range, without TEC thermostatic control.
  • SDE image detail enhancement technology, no noise, B/W and B/W inverse color mode.

MTC Handheld Thermal Imager Application

City safety, oilfield safety, railway security, night gathering evidence. 

handheld thermal imager

MTC Handheld Thermal Imager Technical specification

DetectionVehicle 1500mVehicle 3800mVehicle 5800mVehicle 5800m
Human 520mHuman 1300mHuman 2000mHuman 2000m
IdentificationVehicle 380mVehicle 970mVehicle 1460mVehicle 1460m
Human 160mHuman 400mHuman 600mHuman 600m
Sensor5 th generation UFPA
Digital zoomHot-white/Hot-black
Lens20mm, F1.050mm, F1.075mm, F1.075mm, F1.0
Eyepiece display640*480, LCOS binocular display with eyeshade, high hidden,5 level brightness can adjust640*480, LCOS binocular display with eyeshade, high hidden640*480, LCOS binocular display with eyeshade, high hidden800*600, OLED binocular display with eyeshade, high hidden
Image storage/video4G memory card, 1000photos in JPEG format, video for 3.5 hours in AVI format, USB export
ECO modeAuto
OperationFour buttons, single handFour buttons, two at each side
Battery parameterOperation voltageOperation voltage DC: +2.6V ~ +5.5V;
DC: 3.7V
Power consumption < 1WPower consumption < 2.8W (video time)
1x lithium battery,25500, 3000 mAh2x lithium battery,25500 , 3000 mAh
Continuous working time : > 7 hourContinuous working time: > 5 hours at no record, >3.5 hours at record.
Using life > 500 times , charge/ discharge cyclesUsing life > 500 times, charge/ discharge cycles
Starting time<3s/1.5s
InterfaceVideo output micro USBVideo output
Humidity10%~95%5% ~ 95%(non-condensing
Storage temperature-30 ℃~ +70 ℃-40 ℃~ +75 ℃
Operation temp.-20 ℃~ +60 ℃-20 ℃~ +60 ℃-35 ℃~ +60 ℃
Dimensions158(L)*62(L)*66(L)mm170 ( L ) *168(L)*76(L)mm
AccessoriesVideo cable, lens cap, rubber covert, charger, lithium battery, suitcase

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