TTVC Series Hot Spots Intelligent Forest Fire Alarm Thermal Camera System

TTVC series dual channel hot spots intelligent Fire alarm thermal camera is designed based on the latest 5th uncooled infrared technology and continuously infrared optical zoom technology. With 336*256 /640*512 uncooled FPA sensor, advanced digital circuit and image processing technology, the camera can provide users a premium image. Built-in intelligent analysis module, hot spot detection algorithm, and can automatically detect the flame, vehicles, personnel and other heat sources over a long distance goal, supplemented by overloading 360°degree PT, which can realize 6000m within the scope of the fire detection and alarm display. One integral aluminum alloy housing sealed with nitrogen and IP66 ingress protection ensures its proper functioning outdoor.

With special FR2000 fire warning platform software, can realize the video display, control, storage, playback, scanning and automatic control, automatic alarm information processing, automatic alarm record, calculate calibration point position, virtual police district management, GIS map information display, meteorological data access, hierarchical management, specialized functions such as dynamic evolution strategy, fighting the fire, very suitable for forest fire prevention, animal husbandry and grassland, coal mine, large-scale granary fire automatic remote monitoring.

TTVC Series Hot Spots Intelligent Fire Alarm Thermal Camera Feature

  • Optimization of front-end processing algorithm, based on frame analysis, alarm response time of 0.01S, no delay and information lost.Faster lock speed of Pan-Tilt, precise positioning, no delay, no video loss.
  • Built-in intelligent analysis, hot spot detection algorithm, can automatically detect within 6000m of ignition target, the single equipment covers area of 90 square kilometers.
  • The latest generation of VOx detector based on MEMS technology, NETD 50mk enhances the imaging details even in foggy/rainy/snowy weather.
  • 255 level alarm threshold can be set up.Auto highlight most obvious targets.
  • Zoom thermal camera and HD optical camera dual-sensor detection, thermal imager detection alarm ,HD visible camera confirm the alarm, which can effectively improve the alarm accuracy.
  • Two way alarm: video superposition alarm + data returned (or switch).
  • All alarm parameters and instructions can be through the remote video OSD menu Settings, In addition to FR2000 fire prevention software, can also use the general platform software, can be used with any video encoder.
  • With functions of angle data back, cooperate with the background software, can be real-time GIS map point precise positioning.
  • Non-uniform image correction technology, stable working temperature without TEC, good image uniformity and dynamic range.
  • SDE digital image processing, no image noise, multiple pseudo color and B/W, easy to find low contrast targets.
  • Unique AS optical zoom design and 3CAM high-precision optical mechanical design.Zooming smoothly, which is suitable for large scale seeking and long distance watching .
  • Military level process design, one integral aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, IP66 weatherproof, anti-dust.
  • IP network design, the network thread can be realized all the video, the alarm data, location data interaction transmission.Easy for system networking and operation.

TTVC Series Hot Spots Intelligent Alarm Thermal Camera Application

Forest fire prevention, animal husbandry and grassland fire, coal mine fire prevention, large granary fire automatic remote monitoring.


TTVC Series Hot Spots Intelligent Fire Alarm Thermal Camera Technical specification

Detection*(for 2mX2m hot spots)2000m3000m4000m-5000m6000m
Sensor5 th generation MEMS UFPA VOx sensor
Resolution336*256 336*256336*256336*256
Spectral response7.5~14μm
NETD50mK(@25 ℃ F1.0)
Thermal Focal length50mm25-75mm, 3X continuous zoom21-105mm,5X continuous zoom31-155mm, 5X continuous zoom
FOV6.5°*4.8°13°*9.7° ~ 4.3°*3.2°18°*13.5° ~ 3.4°*2.7°11.25°*8.5° ~ 2.25°*1.7°
Lens controlMotor zoom, focus (optional auto focus)
Visible sensor1/2.8''CMOS;1/1.8'' CMOS
0.01lux low illuminate color to BW;0.0002lux star light level super low illuminate
2.1megapixel, auto ICR switch;2 mega pixel,1920X1080 , integral ICR filter
H264/MPEG4/MIPEG video standard, support dual streamH.264/MPEG4/MIPEG video format, support dual stream
Visible Lens4.3 ~ 129mm 8~320mm 15 ~ 528mm20 ~ 750mm
HD Infrared correctionHD Infrared correction
Electric variable DC8~12V,auto irisDC5V accurate preset, zoom /focusfeedback
Image processing1. Stable operation temperature without TEC, starting time less than 4 seconds
2. SDE digital image processing
3. 10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse
4. Brightness, contrast, gamma correction
5. 2X digital amplification
6. Optional penetrate fog function
Hot target intelligent alarm1. 255 adjustable alarm threshold values
2. Adjustable monitoring area, auto detection of target size
3. 1-16 alarm targets, auto selection of the most obvious one
4. Two types of alarm: screen display and audible alarm
5. Less than 0.01s alarm response ensures no omission
6. All parameters can be modified via OSD menu, universally adaptable
7. Optional IP network coding transmission, and provide free platform and SDK
HousingMaterial: integral aluminum alloy housing, stainless steel, anti strong wind ;
Window glass: 4mm optical glass ,transmission > 98% ;
Protection:IP66 sealing rate, anti sea water corrosion(optional);
Applied thermal balance design and wide temperature electronics ,which could operate under high / low temperature ;
Interface : waterproof aviation connector ;
PT1. Load: 30kg
2. Rotation: pan: 0 ~ 360°, tilt: -75° ~ +45°
3. Rotation speed: Pan:0.1~60°/s, tilt: 0.1~30°/s
4. 80 preset, 256 can be extended. Intelligent functions such as cruise, the apple peel scanning
5, windproof, anti-shake
6, automatic locking function, produce the alarm when without background software command
7, the OSD menu function, location, real-time display
8, can real-time back azimuth information, linkage with GIS map location
Interface1. RS-422 ( PELCO D protocol, Baud rate 2400bps ) , PAL/NTSC, HD network, switch alarm
2.Optional DVE102 intelligent hybrid encoder, RJ45 network interface communication (including video and azimuth of return data, PTZ control, alarm data transmission)
3. AC24V(DC24V optional)
4. Military level waterproof connector
Protocols1.Support TCP/IP 、 HTTP 、 DHCP 、 DNS 、 DDNS 、 RTP protocols ;
2.Support Onvif 2.0
3.Support Pelco-D Pelco-P, baud rate:2400,4800,9600,19200 optional ;
Power supplyAC24V / DC24V ± 10 % ,50HZ, AC220V → AC24V adapter .
Environment indicator1. One integral aluminum alloy housing. IP66 ingress protection
2. Operational temp 。 : -25° ~ 55° (-40° optional)
3. Storage temp 。 : -35° ~ 75°
  1. Hallow we are interested to know if this camera can work at biomass storage and its price and if you have fixed camera .
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