VC06 series long range fog penetrating camera

VC series long-range fog penetrating camera is designed for bad weather conditions. With the intelligent photoelectric linkage, optical and AFR image processing technology, the camera uses the long wavelength light to enhance image details in foggy, moist and dusty environment, and increase the effective view distance by 1.7 to 2.3 times.

Optional 130mm~1000mm telephoto zooming lens and 440000 pixel/ 2 megapixel visible color to B/W CCD, and with the 360°continuously rotation platform, the camera can monitor a region of 1.5km~10km clearly.

With built-in technical grade electronic control system, the camera can complete functions like zooming, focusing and video switch easily. One integral aluminum alloy housing and IP66 ingress protection ensures its proper functioning outdoor.

VC06 series long range fog penetrating camera Feature

  • Optical filtering and image processing technology, color and B/W fog penetration mode.
  • Exclusive AFR imaging enhancement algorithm can correct the image in black/serious backlight/foggy environment and increase frame frequency to 30 fps. With the AFR, the camera can adjust image contrast in foggy environment and enhance image details.
  • Optional 300mm~1000mm zooming lens and SD 440000 pixel/HD 2 megapixel CCD, CMOS camera.
  • 360°continuously rotation platform with 20kgs/50kgs duty.
  • One integral aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, IP66 ingress protection, dustproof, rainproof.

VC06 series long range fog penetrating camera Application

Seaport&airport security, lake&river monitoring, mariculture monitoring, oilfield security, forest fire prevention, city security.


VC06 series long range fog penetrating camera Technical specification

Model VC0613F VC0630F VC0655F VC0675F VC06150F
CCD 1/3” 0.006lux low illumination color to B/W CCD 1/2” 0.004lux low illumination color to B/W CCD
440000 pixel, 752*582 resolution Double wave optical design
Lens 8-130mm


HD infrared correction


M.O.D. 2.5M

HD infrared correction

18-550 mm


105mm super caliber



105mm super caliber


2X extender 1500mm


HD infrared correction

Detection 1.5km 2~3km 5~7km 8km 10km
 Lens motorized /manual zoom, DC 8~12V, auto IRIS
Fog penetration AFR, fog filter
Housing 1. Material:  integral aluminum alloy housing,sealed and waterproof

2.Structure: double window design

3.Surface spraying: PTA three-resistance coating, anti corrosion(optional)

4.Connector:Aviation Water-Proof Connector




1.Load: 20kg

2.Pan:0°~355o, tilt: +10°~-70°

3.Pan: 9°/S, tilt: 4°/S

4.Preset:50, patrol and scan function

1.Load: 30KG

2.Pan: 360o continuously, Tilt: +40°~-45°,

3.Pan: 0.01~30°/S, tilt: 0.01~15°/S

4.Preset:80 patrol and scan function



2.Pan: 360o            continuously,       Tilt: +45°~-45°, 3.Pan: 0.01~30°/S, tilt: 0.01~15°/S


patrol and scan function

Interface 1*BNC, 1*RS422/RS485,1*AC/DC 24V

2. Military aviation Water-Proof Connector

Protocol .Pelco-P、Pelco-D, baud rate 2400、4800、9600、19200(optional)
Power supply AC/DC 24V±10%,50Hz,150W, AC220V->AC24V adapter


1.Working temp: -25℃~+55℃ (-40℃ optional)

2.Storage temp.:-35℃~+65℃




6. IP66 ingress protection

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