July 18, 2017

The safety of IR laser

The main feature of ir laser : First, high monochromaticity , which is narrow spectrum, the second is hign coherence, three is high brightness, which is high collimation. For true laser, because of high collimation, is very dangerous, because almost it was parallel light, firing angle is only a few milliradians. And we use the laser itself is the divergence angle of the larger semiconductor laser, and have been a uniform light, diffusion processing, divergence angle and the luminous point is very large, generally in the tens of degrees, from the collimation, It is not the traditional laser.


We focus on the lower installation dome camera ,which homogenized spread. Its safe distance is 3 meters. So 3 meters away is harmless to people.

For more than 400 meters long distance laser, usually in the 10-50 meters. It is usually mounted in the field or at the highest point.

In the forest application, will not point the leaves, because it will not converge into a point.

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