Vehicle Mounted Surveillance Cameras

All-reinforced structural design, super-strength stainless steel center bearing, multi-round reinforcement design, to ensure the equipment run properly under the condition of the vehicle bump.

GTVC series Long Distance Vehicle Mount PTZ Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

GTVC series of long-distance vehicle mounted multi-sensor optical system day/night thermal camera. It consists of thermal imaging cameras, HD visible light cameras, dynamic organization, precision gears, CCD camera, digital decoder, high-performance image processing unit and controller.

BRC19 Series HD T Shape Infrared Laser Camera

BRC19 series HD infrared laser camera consist of infrared laser illuminator, PTZ platform, precise gearing, 2 megapixel HD lens, digital decoder, CCD and CU(control unit). The mechanical design of PTZ is simple and stable.Rotate to the proposed position quickly and accurately.