January 8, 2018

How Security Camera Monitoring is Helping The Law Enforcement

Patrol video gear- Patrol video gear consists of dash board cameras, and in-vehicle video recorder connected to the web. With the help of this gear officers can easily document arrests, traffic stops or any other evidence. Thus, this recording gear helps in taping everything an officer sees and hears in the field. It provides evidence from an officer’s perspective and can also act as an officer safety tool when needed.

Covert Mobile surveillance systems- Covert mobile surveillance systems offer countless benefits for law enforcement agencies of virtually any size. They provide the ability to quickly set up and run single or multi-vehicle surveillance operations, and manage remotely from a centralized location or by officers in the field. This significantly reducing the cost and manpower required to run covert vehicle programs and mobile surveillance operations.

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Thermal imaging cameras- Suppose you are given a project of monitoring a sea coast which is usually spread across thousands of miles. If you are assigned the task of keeping a track of intrusions on day/night basis, a thermal imaging camera can help you. The camera has the ability to detect an intrusion almost 3 miles away and can offer video evidence. Thus, as soon as the intrusion gets detected the law enforcement agencies can act accordingly and keep the area safe and secure.

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Security cameras helping city wide surveillance- Video surveillance cameras are being used for Traffic monitoring, highway monitoring, public place monitoring –such as railway stations, parks, government offices, Airports, bus terminals and so on. If the areas are sensitive, live monitoring of security camera footage is being taken up by law enforcement agencies. As a result, the populaces visiting these places feel safe and secure that the area is cordoned off by security forces and as soon as any untoward incident takes place, rescue will be at fingertips. Moreover, with video analytics usage on rise, security surveillance has become a proactive solution than just a reactive elucidation.

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