February 8, 2017

Show in the Dubai Intersec 2017 ——Hope-Wish Technologies Inc

Hope-Wish Technologies Inc , as independent research and development to produce high-definition laser cameras, infrared thermal imaging cameras, portable devices and the latest research and development and other products with a new image appearance Dubai Intersec 2017 from Jan. 22th to 24th.


Hope-Wish exhibiting booth

In this exhibition, Hope-Wish brought triple thermal imaging camera, special industry vehicle mounted camera and the latest portable thermal camera into the booth.


Hope-Wish exhibiting products

The exhibiting products include military, forestry fire prevention, high-speed rail monitoring, oilfield security, police equipment, power temperature and other fields, at the same time, and for the general security customers to bring a new security monitoring industry solutions.


In this exhibition, the unique triple thermal camera which combined optical, laser and thermal feeds attract a lot of clients.


Triple Thermal Camera

Special industry vehicle mounted laser camera that especially designed for the military grade shows its distinctive advantages to make customers has a different opinion for the security surveillance camera.


Special Industry Laser Camera


Sales manager explained the products specs

In the 3-day exhibiting, Hope-Wish staff received over 1500 times visits. More than 100 new customers and 50 old clients shows their strong cooperating interests and discuss their projects in detail.


In 2017, Hope-Wish will keep our striving to provide top quality products and tip-top service and solution. Thanks for all the visiting clients. Your supports is the courage to push us getting better! Thank you!

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