November 20, 2017

Thermal imaging camera for the fire protection industry

In the fire protection industry, the application of thermal imaging cameras is mainly reflected in four aspects: fire detection, fire warning, fire monitoring and security monitoring:

1.Fire detection

Thermal imaging cameras can display object temperature fields, the only diagnostic technique that instantly visualizes and verifies thermal information. Through the quantification of the infrared heat detected by non-contact, the thermal imaging camera can accurately measure the surface temperature of the subject and can diagnose the abnormality of the environment or the object through the analysis of the thermal energy distribution and the temperature of the shot scene. Can track the scene or area of high temperature target, when the temperature is higher than the set value can be alarm.

Using thermal imaging technology to analyze the scene fire situation in real time, judging the fire distribution and the wounded position, providing accurate and effective data analysis and technical support for the rescue and the fire department, and taking on-site thermal imaging before and after a disaster Video recording and related data for the fire department to investigate the cause of the fire, the monitoring department to provide evidence of accountability to provide a strong basis.

2.Fire warning 

The use of thermal imaging cameras to monitoring the temperature of the flammable areas around the clock , when the temperature rises sharply in the region automatically trigger the alarm before the fire has taken place ; the system through the infrared thermal imaging temperature warning system , Can quickly detect and find over-temperature target, indicating the location of high temperature and send an alarm, aided by visible light camera to confirm, and eventually identified as fire insurance.


3. Rescue / firefighting search and rescue                                          

Large amount of smoke filled the fire, the smoke contains a large number of micron-sized carbon black particles, is very easy to absorb visible light, resulting in a significant reduction in visual distance, have a tremendous impact for searching and rescuing trapped person,Thermal imaging technology can penetrate thick smoke, analyze the flame of different temperature, provide the basis for the fire trend analysis.

4. Security Monitoring 

Traditional cameras imaging rely on natural or ambient lighting , while thermal imaging cameras do not require any light, it imaging rely on the infrared radiation of the object itself .Not affected by the light, no matter day and night can clearly detect and find the target, can be truly 24 hours day / night monitoring. And can easily penetrate the leaves, grass and other obstacles, accurately identify camouflage and hidden goals.

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